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Kid Apollo's Beautiful New Single 'Wrong Foot Forward'

Irish songwriter Rory Mullan, better known as Kid Apollo, has recently announced the upcoming release of his latest single: Wrong Foot Forward.

This beautiful song starts off with a mellow guitar sound, spiced up with some tasteful reverb and modulation effects. The style of this release somewhat reminds me of the sound of artists such as Mac De Marco or Kid Creole, but definitely aiming for a more nostalgic and melodic feel. The song almost reminds me of some of Paul McCartney’s most melodic and romantic ballads, as there is a truly charming feel to this amazing song. The song starts off with a minimalistic arrangement, but the arrangement becomes dreamier and fuller, culminating with a fantastic guitar section in the end, sort of reminiscent of shoegaze music, but more accessible and melodic - Think Coldplay jamming out with instruments they borrowed from Slowdive’s practice space, while My Bloody Valentine keenly checks out the jam from the audience’s seats!

Find out more about Kid Apollo, and tune in for this new release below:

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