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Kid Caird Releases New Funky Tech House Banger ‘Do It’

25-year-old house music DJ and producer Kid Caird just returned with a new track titled 'Do It'. After the single "Madonna" with Khonsu The Child a month ago, the young artist is already back with a new upbeat house anthem. Inspired by the time he lived in Cornwall, Michael Caird imagined a song that would be upbeat, enjoyable, and capable of igniting the dance floor. He brought his idea to life through the use of his unique aesthetic and production prowess. With a fascinating bassline laced with snares, "Do It" immediately grabs the listener's attention. Female vocals that are energetic and energizing synths are also present in the tune, without forgetting Kid Caird's distinctive tech house soundscapes (aka his signature sound).

Michael earned the moniker "Kid Caird" by constantly maintaining a happy view on life and having a good time everywhere he goes. With only a few years active in the industry (2019), Kid Caird already made a name for himself in the house scene with over half a million collective streams and support from prominent labels, such as Future Freaks, High Definition,Bomb Ass House, and Hood Politics. This is only the beginning for the rising producer so stay tuned for more in the coming months.


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