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Kunty Beatz Drops New EP 'STATIC'

September 30th 2021: Kuntybeatz latest EP, STATIC, has him return to his experimental beginnings as a music producer & DJ.

This two tracks on the EP were inspired by Detroit Techno & a crazy night out at the worlds most infamous Techno club, Berghain.

Kuntybeatz provides a darker, moodier EP that allows the listener to slow down, stretch out & absorb the music either with headphones or on a dance floor.

The title track, STATIC, is a smouldering techno banger, with KuntyBeatz focusing on pulsating bass and sharp percussive bursts. Kunty creates a soundscape that builds to a drop that the listener will not expect but once it hits you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing.

The real surprise on this EP is the song, Life After Life. It’s moody chords, and dense percussion makes for an intense listen. The riff is hypnotic, and creates a strong energetic pulse. As claps and other effects echo it produces a rousing atmosphere. By the time we get to the breakdown we’re about ready to burst, but Kunty maintains an air of control, and the track retains its entrancing allure right until the end.


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