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Larry Mindel examines 'Love in Troubled Times' with new album

UK singer-songwriter Larry Mindel's latest album is 'Love in Troubled Times', following on from his eponymous band album of 2016, 'Night Flight'. This is his first of songs for piano, was recorded during the lull of 2020 lockdown, and features some of London’s best young jazz musicians alongside players rooted in acoustic traditions. As is true for so many of us, Larry lost someone close to him during 2020, and the final song on the album – Be Careful How You Go – captures the loss so many of us have felt...

'Be Careful How You Go' is sure to bring a tear to your eye and warmth to your heart with it's beautiful, poetic lyrics:

'Stars in the sky tonight

Float past the quiet moon

Your footsteps forever in the grass

Where the wild orchids bloom'

Larry explains:

"Like many people, I lost someone dear to me during 2020. I wrote this song at my mother’s bedside, the day before she died, in Barnet General Hospital. She was the first person to hear it. ‘Be careful how you go’ was her personal catchphrase, so to sing that to her, us both knowing she was about to pass away, was an especially poignant moment for both of us... I have found that many people, around the world, from different backgrounds, have been moved by this song, and the accompanying video."

Another stand-out track from the album for us is 'I Love Paris In July' which is Mindel's answer to the Gershwin’s A Foggy Day (in London Town)… Transported instead to Paris, in the summer. Someone waiting for their lover to show up at their rendezvous… Be transported with the luscious, summery tones of this track both in the music and in Mindel's soothing voice.

Production for this remarkable album was masterminded by studio owner, Julian Whitfield, who captured the warmth of the songs, the spirit of the sessions, and the love of playing denied to everyone for so long. That joy comes out in the music and in the warmth of the analogue-style recording, played uniquely, entirely on acoustic instruments.

Check out Larry Mindel's website:

'Love In Troubled Times' is available on all major platforms as well as on Bandcamp:


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