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LINK&CHAIN Release Captivating New Single 'Ready'

Link&Chain comprises of four musicians who have been writing songs for decades since their formative years in Jamaica circa 1986. Inspired by their Rastafari faith, they write their own unique spiritual, danceable music designed to uplift, educate & entertain.

The members of the band are: Dwight Campbell, Paul Williams, Trevor Douglas and the group's newest member Oniel Griffiths. Over the course of time, their musical success placed them alongside the All-Stars of Jamaican reggae groups and into magazines such as Rock N Roll Magazine, Beat and Pulse!

The band comment:

"The name was chosen because of its significance to the struggle of our ancestors and it also significant to the unity of InI coming together & holding together as links on a chain."

The familiar musical influences and stylings of classic reggae music is felt here, yet the group mix them with their own unique musical backgrounds. Their lyrics promote activism, promoting peace and universal love making the track accessible to so many. After all, the group's songs have uniting themes, with musical bones that people who are new to reggae will also love and recognise.

Rasta viewpoints have exerted an increasing influence on Jamaican arts, somewhat akin to how hippies’ ideals were entering American popular culture. Though no Kingston radio stations would play reggae, the music immediately made itself felt as a vital cultural form, spreading narratives and views that Jamaica’s newspapers would never have allowed. From there, the reggae masters have continued to spread the word and share their universal messages. Link&Chain are a legendary band, who are part of this defining era in music. Their songs continue to be relevant, and reggae music will never die.

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