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Lofi melancholia: echolily set to release new single 'Higher' this June

Echolily teams up with acclaimed Australian producer Ivan Khatchoyan for upcoming single 'Higher' which will drop on June 14th. Join us as we delve a little deeper into the inspiration behind this beautiful upcoming release...

Melbourne-based, Malaysian-born echolily delivers an entrancing head rush of trippy 90s nostalgia for this special upcoming release. In the current world full of uncertainties, this is exactly what we need to be reminded of, i.e. all the goodness from the past. Influenced by the likes of Portishead, Bjork, Jamie xx, Tokimonsta and Sia, expect retro drumbeats, iconic bass lines and synths. 'Higher' is a haunting, brooding track with a gorgeous mesh of synth pads and experimental elements of production.

There is a beautiful use of intertwining piano and synth melodies too, creating a kaleidoscope of sounds, much like a sonic wonderland. There's some quirky vocal production at work too, including a reverb-drenched lead backed up by pitch-bent, distorted backing elements. There is a definite element of Netflix's 'Stranger Things' in this too, with it's saw-tooth, badass bass-line. Expect to be entirely swept up in this, from start to finish. The highly descriptive lyrics are sure to resonate with many too; despite their ambiguity they still feel so relatable. All in all, 'Higher' feels soothing and euphoric all at the same time, which is an unusual combination. We haven't heard anything quite like this before, and while there are traces of trip-hop artists such as Massive Attack and Portishead, there's also a synthpop element at play.

When not producing from her bedroom, echolily works as a medical doctor. A frontliner throughout the pandemic lockdown, echolily finds solace within music and songs she grew up with. This talented artist has been writing songs from a young age, though has only spent the past 3 years taking music production seriously. So far, she has released a string of singles, including her debut ‘Under The Clocks (Stay)’ which amassed over 90,000 streams in less than 3 months since its release in February 2021:

Pre save 'Higher' right here:

For every 100 presaves, a dollar will be donated to Care Australia’s Covid Crisis Appeal for India


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