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Lose Yourself Into The Enthralling New Single from THE JACKS

Indie Rockers THE JACKS have done it again and produced another standout single called 'Mess I'm In'. The single is out now via all streaming platforms and will feature on the band's highly anticipated upcoming album.

The new single opens up which has been stuck in our heads all day is crammed full of emotive vocal hooks that are set to pick up your mood in the most trickiest of times.

The band's lead single 'Jonny Stanback' had this to say,

“This song is about the end of a relationship, centralized around my experience of coming back to California. The duality of a breakup is a motif throughout the song. The “mess I’m in” describes this duality, where there is simultaneously relief, freedom, and possibility, as well as isolation, loneliness, and longing. The fun beat and melodies highlight the positive side, and the somber lyrical tone highlights the negative side.”

Having already surpassed an incredible 8 million streams to date and reaching over 397k followers on Tiktok due to previous tracks this new offering has truly put us in mood to hear their new upcoming album.

Check out 'Mess I'm In' right here:

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