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Lost & Found: The New Single from Prospect Mundo

American artist Prospect Mundo has dropped his brand new single 'Lost & Found' on all digital platforms, and it's an absolute gem!

Born in TORONTO, ON. Mundo aka Prospect Mundo, started his music career in 2018 with the release of his first official single 'Let's Take a Trip'. This is a high-energy track that garnered over 50k streams in the first month; a rare feat for a new artist. A string of singles and a 2-track EP followed and now Prospect Mundo presents us with new song 'Lost & Found'. This is a refreshingly unique Hip-hop track with a lo-fi, mellow vibe. The song centres around a dreamy guitar riff, while the beat is 808 ear candy.

The groove itself has swing that will make your body and soul sway. This track speaks of desire and longing for someone you have your eye on. The artwork is a gorgeous red-pink scene with neon light. This chilled, feel-good track will have you wanting more. You'll no doubt turn to previous releases to get more of a feel for this brilliant artist. We'd recommend the stunning EP 'Day & Night' featuring tracks 'On Purpose' which is a silky-smooth R&B-tinged track with a touch of Frank Ocean, and 'No Fairytales' which has a Drake feel to it, with unusual samples and a mesmerising vocal arrangement.

Prospect and his Toronto collective 'HNTRS Club' look to double the musical output in 2021 and bring a new face sound to come out of the city. Make sure to go check out the dazzling new single 'Lost & Found' now below!

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