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LUKA's new single 'Past The Point Of No Return' is out now

Dreamy alternative folk artist LUKA's new single 'Past The Point Of No Return' is out now! It's a truly mesmeric song with elements of Rosie Lowe, BANKS and London Grammar. It features candid vocals with layers of sophisticated instrumentation including haunting strings. Verses move fluidly into a pre-chorus and chorus, and back again, ebbing and flowing like a gentle wave. You'll get lost in this song.

The song appears to have a poignant message too - you are not alone in your struggles. That fear of being inadequate, of not amounting to anything, of living in the shadow of anxiety or depression - this song give voices to those innermost shadows, and provides a shelter for the listener. Whilst it is tinged with a certain sadness, there is also a warmth to this track that will reassure.

This is Luka's second release on Leeds-based success label Monomyth Records and she is already turning heads within the scene.

Listen to 'Past The Point Of No Return' here!

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