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Lutfia Set To Wow With Her Fresh Debut EP: So Much For Summer

Lutfia, a talented singer and songwriter, is gearing up for her debut EP release 'So Much For Summer' this 4th December. What’s special about this release is that it features many different influences, and every song has something to offer. For instance, the opening song, “DiCaprio” quality almost strikes with the sophistication of jazz, while still retaining a catchy indie-pop flow through and through.

The second song, “Heart Of Stone And Bones Of Steel” has a somber introduction, and it feels like a melancholic track, up to the point that the catchy rhythm section and the beautiful melodies lift up the energy. The third song, “Prism,” is a highlight, with its catchy electro-pop vibe. The bass lines are totally infectious, and so is the chorus! “Just A Stranger” brings the dynamics down a bit, with a stunning piano-vocals arrangement, which might remind you of some of the best Adele or Amy Winehouse sounds! Speaking of retro vibes, “City of Angels” has a perfect motown feel, going for a unique sound. The final track, “Last Night” is a moving a purposeful ballad with a stunning melody!

Check out the lyric video for sensational track 'Prism' right here, while you wait for the full EP to drop 4th December!

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