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Madame Whiskey release throwback pop-punk soarer 'Forward Fashion'

Madame Whiskey are an electrifying Costa Rica based indie rock band known for their high-octane performances and infectious melodies, and are gearing up for an exhilarating year ahead. Formed in 2016 as an acoustic trio, the group has since evolved into a powerhouse quartet, driven by a passion for music and a relentless drive to share their sound with the world. 

Building on their momentum gained so far, Madame Whiskey recently joined forces with Long Beach Records LATAM, setting the stage for their latest release, 'Forward Fashion'. This electrifying single harks back to the golden era of 90s rock, drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Foo Fighters and Blink-182.

Madame Whiskey immediately throws that nostalgic pop punk element to you with the soaring electric guitar riffs and the switching of dynamics, with the verses building up to the truly massive chorus. There's a fierce and intoxicating energy about the track, in one of those songs that simply just sticks in your mind.

Frontman Luis Barahona's impassioned vocals drive home the message of 'Forward Fashion', offering a compelling commentary on the state of modern society in 2024. From Post Malone to Donald Trump, the song's relatable lyrics reflect the zeitgeist of the times, while its infectious energy leaves a lasting impression.

As Madame Whiskey continues to carve out their place in the indie rock scene, 'Forward Fashion' serves as a thrilling preview of what's to come. With a sound that blends the raw energy of punk rock with the melodic sensibilities of alternative rock, and with their sights set on new horizons and a sound that refuses to be ignored, this band are really looking to put themselves on the map with this infectious and raucous brand of indie rock. Check it out now at Curious for Music.

Stream 'Forward Fashion' now:


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