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‘Man In A Dream’: Cross-Channel Music’s Colourful Upcoming Album

While I love Indie music as a genre, I do find that a lot of indie albums tend to sound like one continuous song. I have never gotten that experience while listening to Cross-Channel Music. Their new album, ‘Man In A Dream,’ is all the proof anyone could ask for. It features nine original tracks that all sound completely different from each other. The album is a ton of fun and very accessible. There is bound to be something on there to suit any music taste.

I love the old-school rock of ‘Butter On Hot Toast.’ It is a fiery track with a quiet cool down that has just been released last week. The reggae/rock blend of ‘He Was A Man In A Dream’ is perfect for the end of summer. The moody build of ‘DJ’s’ is captivating and edgy. ‘The Breastbone’ has a psychedelic buzz and fantastically intimidating boom that permeates the track. The song doesn’t stay in one place for long and goes down as the most unique song on the album. ‘Bygone Days’ is a lo-fi indie-pop track that packs a positive punch while ‘All The Effers’ is a rapid-pace anthem that is simultaneously upbeat and reflective in its delivery.

There isn’t one bad track on this project and Cross-Channel Music adds yet one more solid brick to their impervious legacy. This band is incredible and so is this album. Stay tuned for it's release date this October 1st...

STREAM latest single 'Butter On Hot Toast':

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