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Mark Howard’s ‘The Light Behind Us’ Shines with Coastal Rock Brilliance

From the windswept shores of Phillip Island, Melbourne’s own Mark Howard is back with a new single. Dropping on Friday, June 14th, 2024, "The Light Behind Us" is an anthem for those longing to break free from the complexities of life and embrace a simpler, more carefree existence.

Mark Howard has a knack for blending coastal rock vibes with authentic storytelling, and this track is no exception. His powerful instrumentation, great guitar work, and beautiful voice come together in a way that’s both raw and captivating. "The Light Behind Us", a sneak peek from his forthcoming album ‘Deep Dark Blue’, showcases Mark’s signature sound, evoking the likes of The Cure and PJ Harvey, with a chorus that could easily rival the anthemic power of The Killers.

About the creation of "The Light Behind Us", Mark recounts how a bird tapping at his window sparked the initial lyric, leading to an organic writing process that brought the track to life. The result is a song that feels as natural and inevitable as the tides he often sings about.

From the first verse, the lyrics paint a vivid picture: “Little bird, little bird I see you / In the sky / Little bird I see you flying high”. The imagery of the bird and the drifting clouds sets a tone of freedom and escape, a theme that runs throughout the song. The pre-chorus and chorus amplify this sentiment with lines like: “Look at the world we live in / It’s in a spin somehow / Now girl you got me thinking / What goes up must come down.” The chorus, with its infectious melody, captures the desire to leave the chaos behind and find solace in a simpler existence.

The guitar work is stellar, weaving through the song with a mix of delicate strumming and powerful riffs. The instrumentation builds and recedes like waves crashing against cliffs, creating a dynamic soundscape that keeps us engaged from start to finish.

Fans of Mark Howard are in for a treat with "The Light Behind Us". It’s a track that encapsulates the essence of his music – deeply emotional, beautifully crafted, and irresistibly engaging.


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