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Mark Westberg Drops New Other-worldly Single 'Galaxy Disco'

An artist who is carving out a niche within the UK right now, Mark Westberg is a musician of various artistic trades and talents, hailing originally from Seattle, WA and now currently residing in Santa Fe, NM. They love and appreciates a plethora of musical styles, and personally specialise in the folk-punk, grunge, and rock-and-roll influenced genres as a singer-songwriter and also occasional band member. We're super excited to present the release of Mark's other-worldly new single 'Galaxy Disco' for all of our reader's listening pleasure...

Mark plays both electric and acoustic guitar and sings. They primarily write their own material (and sometimes unique renditions of other people’s work). As with their previous unforgettable releases Westberg's music, drama and art background fuse together to create a piece of art that stands out from the crowd.

"Galaxy Disco is an original rock and roll/folk punk tune penned and composed by myself around mid-late 2020, which is inspired by a particular childhood event and includes themes such as youthful rebellion and the concept of finding happiness and light within darkness. Musical influences for this track include David Bowie, David Byrne, The Rolling Stones, Glass Animals, and The Black Keys."

Follow Mark Westberg for more info: Website | Instagram | Spotify


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