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Marq Electronica Transports Us Into Trance With ‘I Thought I Knew It All’

The Sapien Trace alumni is back with another certified hit this month. Since his debut, Marq Electronica has been a man on a mission as he’s released a storm of singles. And, luckily for us, he’s showing no signs of stopping. His latest single, ‘I Thought I Knew It All’ has all the hallmarks of a Marq Electronica hit. Except this time, he’s sweeping us into a trance-like state.

This track is swimming in techno tendencies. From the ominous bass line that booms through the speakers, to the repetitive guitar solo line sailing over the top. The subtle guitar cuts through the reverb of the soundscape with a sharp, satisfying snap. His vocals are as hearty and passionate as ever, yet on this track they elevate the whole meaning of the song. His natural charisma perfectly exaggerates the heart yearning message at the heart of this song; when someone who you thought was going to stick around suddenly walks away, it shakes everything you thought you knew. With such slick production on this track, it’s advised to crank up the sound, sit back and let Marq Electronica take you on an emotional journey.

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