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'ME / NOT ME' - The Poignant New EP From ATLS PLAZA N.D.

"ME / NOT ME" is the bold new EP from L.A. based musician ATLS PLAZA N.D, which dropped 22nd November. We're super excited to share this philosophical and pensive work, which hooked us instantly. Finding an affiliation with the world of Vaporwave, ATLS PLAZA N.D. began to create his own productions, and within a few years, he had discovered his musical voice. Now he is ready to share this brilliant artistic work with us, whilst complimenting his other magnificent 2021 releases. Let's delve a little deeper into the glorious 'ME / NOT ME'...

An ethereal and trippy vibe from start to finish, let's wander through the musical oceans of two unforgettable tracks. First track 'Multi-paradoxical Consciousness' features a mesmerising blend of minimal percussion and intertwining melodies played on various synths, as well as stunning vocal chops. The track then brings in something a little The Weeknd style, with a dark bass-line taking the track into something a little more sombre, before releasing back again into the comforting territory of the opening once more. The vocals then meander a little more, uttering some lyrics beneath the tones of sharp, undulating synths. You're sure to connect with this track on a spiritual level; it serves as food for the soul and will no doubt delight your senses. The music of ATLS PLAZA N.D. seems to induce some sort of synesthesia in the listener, as we start to imagine the sonic textures in splendid colour and even smells and textures. Such is the power of the unique choices in sound design, that go beyond the label of 'music' and more into the realm of art as a whole.

The second track 'Advaita Vedanta' offers a lovely point of contrast, with its more R&B leaning. There's a funky baseline and a distorted drum pattern, beneath a groovy bed of electric piano. This song feels fresh and soulful; the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday morning or a pre-disco session. We love the feel-good vibe to this, and its hypnotising warmth, that feels like a hug. What's more, the very title of the EP 'ME / NOT ME' is an interesting one and takes a rather philosophical standpoint. At once yourself, at once someone else, or a different part of yourself; we all have this duality within us. Isn't that what makes us human?

ATLS PLAZA N.D. truly is a remarkable talent in the underground music scene; and his EP will no doubt cross from lovers of Vaporware and be appreciated by lovers of many-a-genre. That's thanks to the artist's unique sonic shade, which is extremely refreshing and sets him apart from other run-of-the-mill artists within this scene. ATLS PLAZA N.D. is sure to rise up and enjoy a well-deserved breakthrough.

In the words of the artist:

I hope this album uplifts people and spread the word of oneness and non duality. I hope you enjoy it.

Stream this incredible EP right here:

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