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Meco Velez Releases First Part of New EP 'Light'

Meco Velez is a Puerto Rican singer from Monterey CA. She loves to express herself musically. Music is where she can be as sexy, as sassy or as vulnerable as she wants to be without being afraid. Her new release is 'Light', the first half of a two-part EP...

From a young age, Meco Velez knew music was in her bones. Her musical style is a mix of R&B, Urban Pop and Hip-hop. She begins the presentation of her new EP with this first offering, a collection of lighter, softer tracks (hence the name). It starts off with "Too Close" which is a song about a guy who one wants one thing and she is not the type of girl to just give up her body. The beat is super funky and has a strong sense of attitude with its bold vocal arrangements, funk-style bass and synth pads. It is a truly killer, melodic song that will fill you with confidence.

Second is the O.D. Remix which is a remake of her original song but complete with a male's response portrayed by featured artist Nfa (@whoisnfa). This track is a little more trap and hip-hop, with some explicit language used and an entrancing 808-heavy beat. The mix of sass and vulnerability throughout these songs is pretty unique. The song is about having too much of your lover and you'll overdose. The third song "That Girl" and it talks about being sexy for your man and providing his needs. There's a definite taste of Ariana Grande's Sweetener album here, with it's trap-style beat and high-pitch, breathy vocals. Velez really shows her versatility as a songwriter and vocalist.

The fourth and final song is "Respond" feating UK artist RBJ (@ogrbjr). This song is talking about desiring your partner and their body calling for you and you responding to their bodies call. There's a slight nod to The Weeknd in this one, with a Daft Punk style bass part. Yet this is offset with trap elements once more and interesting experimental elements of production. The result is an infectious, wavy song you'll want to hit repeat on. All in all, a stunning EP which lets the imagination run wild.

Stream it right here:


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