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Mia Yermeche and Chris Kabs soar together with the R&B storyteller’s debut single “Butterflies”

Mia Yermeche’s “Butterflies” absolutely glows with a lovely light. Keeping things to the

essentials, her sultry voice neatly depicts the joy that love can bring. The airy disposition of the work

further adds to the gentle breezy take of the sound. Reminiscent of a late summer Sunday afternoon,

there is a casualness that they utilize to great effect over the course of the entire piece. Light truly

radiates throughout the whole of the piece as she washes the whole thing in so much tremendous light.

By allowing things to remain simple, the effectiveness of the melody alongside the groove provides to be particularly effective.

The beautiful melody that opens the track evolves with such delicacy. With a fragile sensibility

the rest of the sound gradually comes into place. By far though the true highlight are those tender

vocals that rest right in the center of it all. Lyrics are chosen with a poetic vision as they intermingle.

Verses have an acute balance to them for they explore the ins and outs of relationships. One of those

most complicated of things to navigate, she allows the patterns to intersect, blending together to create

a great tapestry of sound. Deep in the sound the layered approach works wonders for the entirety of the

track has such a heartfelt quality to it, with each word picked and chosen with the utmost of care.

“Butterflies” proves to be one of those perfect pieces of pop, as Mia Yermeche embarks upon a

sense of celebration and happiness.

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