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Mikaila Murphy Unveils Incredible Music Video for New Single 'Float'

With a huge following online for her dance and choreography content, Mikaila Murphy is now making waves with her latest single release 'Float', which has been an opportunity for Mikaila to combine her love of music and dance together.

The energized and empowering single is stunningly visualised in the accompanying music video. Speaking about the music video, Mikaila shares:

“Creating the music video was incredible! I had a vision and I took it back to my hometown in Michigan where I had my friend, Aaron Cross, film. I held an audition and casted a bunch of pre-professional Michigan dancers. It was their first music video so it was super cool that I was able to give back to my hometown and provide this opportunity for them. Michigan is full of the most talented and hungry people! It’s so cool to see your work go from being a silly vision in your head to a full masterpiece in real life!! I love the beach and being in water more than anything, so I thought it would be cool to take relationships and love and create metaphors out of water!”

Watch the music video below:

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