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  • Andy Roberts

Moxxy Jones Shines with Debut Album 'Unnoticed'

Independent artist duo Moxxy Jones has unveiled their highly anticipated synth-pop album, Unnoticed. Featuring 11 original tracks, the album boasts contributions from powerhouse vocalists such as Trent Park, Elle Rhodes (formerly known as Isabelle), Mariami, and others. Recorded at iconic studios like Henson Studios and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, Unnoticed is a sonic marvel that melds diverse musical elements into a cohesive and innovative whole.

Moxxy Jones’s fearless creative process is evident in Unnoticed. The long-time friends—keyboard and bass player Frank and guitarist Milan—have produced a collection that stands out for its untraditional and unexpected yet familiar sound. Their music is modern and energetic, yet dark and introspective, with boundless sonic range, classical elements, catchy melodies, driven beats, juxtaposed lyrics, and layered harmonic underpinnings. Unnoticed explores the juxtaposed duality of the human experience, allowing listeners to ride an emotional rollercoaster, find comfort in discomfort, see beauty in brokenness, and experience harmony and dissonance simultaneously.

Standout tracks include “Never,” which combines industrial synths and funk bass to create a dark, moody atmosphere reminiscent of the Miami Vice soundtrack. “Another Yesterday,” featuring Elle Rhodes, captures the essence of '80s pop with a contemporary twist, while “Letting Go of You” showcases the duo’s ability to craft a powerful pop-rock anthem in the vein of U2 and The 1975. Throughout the album, a diverse range of vocalists contribute to the collaborative effort, ensuring a rich tapestry of sounds, influences, and messages.

As Moxxy Jones embarks on this new chapter with Unnoticed, the duo continues to push the boundaries of musical creativity and genre-blending. Their commitment to authentic artistry and fearless experimentation promises an unforgettable listening experience. Fans and new listeners alike are invited to explore the rich, textured world of Unnoticed, a testament to Moxxy Jones's unique vision and sound.


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