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Multi-genre band Hunter James and the Titanic reveal twelve-track LP 'La Liberte'

If you had to pick your favourite ten albums of the year right here, right now, 'La Liberte' should be on that list, and we'll tell you why. Creating a cross-genre soundscape that uses folk, blues, rock and roll and Americana to covey its multitude of sounds, the album is best described as a breath of fresh air. Summarising the album;, Hunter James shares, “La Liberte is about finding joy and meaning amongst the trudge of everyday existence”. Receiving praise from New Noise Magazine, CLOUT, Volatile Weekly and many more outlets, 'La Liberte' is a gentle reminder that love is truly all we need. Covering themes of love and reflection, the reflective album covers topics we've all encountered at some stage in our lives.

Armed with leading single 'Over the Line' - a quintessential Americana rock n roll anthem, this single will leave you dancing around your household. With a pulsating beat throughout, powerful lyrics, along with a verse, chorus and outro worthy of any great modern rock band, the track is an energy-filled foot stomper. La Liberte'; is an album that harkens back to the feeling of driving down the highway in your parent's wood-trimmed station wagon before you ever got your driver’s license and “Over the Line”, the first real rocker on the album, captures the essence of a freewheeling existence, gaining momentum with every Chorus and overdriven slide guitar riff.

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