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Multi-instrumentalist & Artist Chase Potter Drops New Album

'Hitchhike To Oblivion' is the latest music release from multi-instrumentalist and artist Chase Potter. This stand-out collection of 9 tracks is an album with something for everyone. With excellent songwriting at its core, a beautiful vocal performance from Potter and - not to mention - epic instrumentation, this is one to play on repeat...

Chase Potter’s mission has always remained simple and steadfast: be true and vigilant through the power of music.

Chase Potter was first drawn to music making through the violin, aged 5; an instrument which had a profound effect on him. Next came the drums, then guitar; the saxophone family followed. He took on the bass in his teenage years, followed by the mandolin. While violin remained his sharpest tool, he showed an exceptional ability to assimilate any instrument he could get his hands on.

The titular opening track of the album is a feel-good piano-based track with gorgeous folk-style violin. This song will instantly uplift you, with its catchiness and narrative lyrics. There is something The Beatles' Abbey Road about this, with classic songwriting at its core. There's also a touch of Goyte with it's trippy synth towards the half-way point. The second track 'Born Again' has a more country feel, and showcases a glorious mesh of distorted rock guitars. 'Don't Roll Over' is a quirky, experimental song with a vocal arrangement reminiscent of Queen. The song then erupts into a very cinematic electronic beat. We love the kooky use of experimental synth sounds. 'Toothless' is a good old-fashioned singer-songwriter song with a real indie American feel. One comes to quickly realise that this album is a total mix of genres and styles, which nonetheless fits together so beautifully.

'Foot On The Dash' takes it back to country-rock; it's a beautiful love ballad about premature goodbyes and clinging on to things lost. 'Misty Morning' delivers some soulful piano and an infectious beat, with a brilliant, warm rock-pop vocal and lyrics. We adore 'How', which has an immediacy; it's urgent guitar strumming and chanty vocal melodies hitting us from the opening to the end. The violin showcases Potter's outstanding musicianship with this instrument too. We like the narrative quality of the lyrics too; much like the penultimate track 'Older'. This is of course one everyone will relate to in some way. This one has an infectious beat, which will you have you moving. A hauntingly beautiful track is the album's final one; 'Flood Gates' has a gorgeous lulling piano at its core, which is silky smooth and rich, with an analog grit. The lyrics and vocals are food for the soul.

Potter has performed at many exciting locations and events - he travelled the world through the prestigious Columbus Youth Jazz Orchestra, touring across Peru with Wynton Marsalis sideman Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson. Subsequently, the culmination of Potter’s prodigal talent and professionalism beyond his years would lead to a distinction unlike any other: a full ride to the Berklee College of Music where he then majored in Violin Performance.

Potter has also found himself in front of the camera on several major occasions, performing violin on The Tonight Show with Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello for their joint hit “Bad Things”, as well as a fictional guitar player on the season finale of HBO’s The Deuce. In terms of the songwriting side of things, he contributed in the writing and production of Chameleon Culture’s debut album The Universe Is A New Year’s Day Parade on violin, guitar, and vocals, as well as providing strings for projects from Cale Hawkins, Louis Futon, and Duckwrth.

Stream the wonderfully dynamic new album from Potter right here:

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