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Music Is Medicine: 'My Melody' by Geo Moon feat. Not Now Norman

'My Melody' is a new single from Geo Moon feat. Not Now Norman which dropped last week. A song about overcoming life's troubles and obstacles through music, this track is sure to resonate with many. Whether you listen to or make music, this one is for you.

Not Now Norman's lead single Taylor Mitchell

'My Melody' has a positive and uplifting message at its core, about discovering your own self worth and true potential. Rock and punk sensibilities with an edgy lead vocal fuse with a Hip-hop style beat from Geo Moon to deliver something different. One can't help but think to Numb/Encore by Linkin Park and Jay-Z, The Foo Fighters and also the likes of 80s synth groups like Depeche Mode. This a real fusion of genre and sound that you probably haven't quite heard before. The use of guitar collides with experimental synth and an electronic rhythm section.

After spending a lifetime growing up with self-doubt, rejection and depression, singer Taylor-Grace finds purpose and happiness in music. The chorus to this new track feels super euphoric: 'Now I've found the melody' she assures, life is brighter. After all, music is the ultimate medicine.

'My Melody' by Geo Moon feat. Not Now Norman is out on all major platforms to stream & download...

For more info on Not Now Norman:

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