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Music saves lives! Let's meet Wiesinger

Music saves lives!

Everyday millions of people put their headphones in as they select their favorite songs to help them last through the day.

Wiesinger had a very similar experience, he took up song writing and guitar in 2012 to help him medicate and deal with a long, painful season of mental illness and hospitalization. Writing music and lyrics brought him out of a very dark place and even saved his life in moments of despair.

Now he’s here with his new music. Music that helps people going through a similar experience to him, so they can lie down, close their eyes and float of into another world.

Wiesinger brings a lifetime of experience into his music after spending a few summers leading music at a youth camp, starting up a media company where he was helping other artists shoot their music videos and writing a book called ‘The Childlike Heist’ that went onto win a Gold Medal literacy award across North America for best inspirational and spiritual book.

So Wiesinger stands as an Inspiration for anyone struggling with their own inner problems or those going through mental health issues. He was able to comes from the darkest of the places to the most beautiful mountain tops of fulfilment and now he has a new song out.

That’s right! This isn’t just any song this is a song about the struggles of lockdown and as Wiesinger says “I think we all had this fear of missing out during the pandemic and instead of loving people and using things we found ourselves using people and loving things. We all bought an air fryer and collected possessions in order to feel that hole that only connection with others and community can fill. That’s the meaning behind my new song”

FOMO is out Now!

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