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Nadia Vaeh Works Her Magic With New Single ‘Spellbinding’

Nadia Vaeh first came on to our radar with the release of her remix single ‘1000 Cuts’. Now she’s back with the otherworldly ‘Spellbinding’. Once again, this is dark pop with raw emotion, elegant lyrics and vocals, and sleek production.

An Atlanta native and IMA “Vox Pop” winner, Nadia found her way into artistry through modelling and an unexpected stint with a local Atlanta circus. Vaeh loves to pull inspiration for her music from sounds from all over the world. She has an affinity for Middle Eastern music, linking to her father’s homeland of Lebanon. At aged just 17, Nadia tragically lost her mother to suicide. Her mother was a talented poet and her way with words has fuelled Nadia’s own talent as a lyricist. It wasn’t long before Nadia ventured down a spiralling path of self sabotage to numb the pain, yet despite some initial career hiccups, Nadia soon started to lay the foundations for some of the successes she has now enjoyed as a singer-songwriter and performer, including international radio play. With endless resilience, tons of talent and a unique stage presence, Nadia is only destined for more success.

In ‘Spellbinding’ we are drawn in with synth pop production and beautiful words and vocals. An entrancing baseline and BANKS-style drums erupt into a killer chorus which has a slight rock vibe to it. This is a sexy song packed full of drama which has clearly been expertly crafted, as demonstrated in the seamless tension and release throughout. Nadia believes that pop music has an ability to reach people and change their outlooks: “You can tell a story with an important message through pop music and create positive shifts in the world around us as well as just a person’s mood.” ‘Spellbinding’ has a depth that is often hard to find in pop music today, and that is down to the fusion of genres at play here and the depth of those lyrics.

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