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Naomi August Drops Nostalgic New Track 'Text With My Ex'

Naomi August has released her new single 'Text With My Ex', a nostalgic track featuring the thoughts and feelings of reconnecting with an old lover.

Who is Naomi August? You may not recognise the name, but you’ve definitely heard her music. To date, her music’s been synced in a wide variety of popular television shows, television channels, sports, and companies such as Playboy, Redbull, and Netflix just to name a few...

Born out of a love for r&b, hip-hop, pop and edm music, Naomi August makes memorable music with shades of melancholy and empowerment in equal measure. Latest track 'Text With My Ex' is no exception. It features a brilliant guest vocal from Makio, as the story between two lovers is told. Whilst it's full of memories and daydreaming meanders through a past relationship, it is also empowering first and foremost. The ultimate message is along the lines of 'I don't buy your bull shit anymore, it's over', and we're loving it.

It's got a trippy vibe to it, with reverb-drenched, pinch-bent synth pads and a mellow guitar riff, before an 808 hip-hop beat joins and gives this track insatiable drive. The bass-line is dirty and edm-inspired, and we're admiring this effortless blend of genres. 'Text With My Ex' is an entrancing trip down memory lane, with moments of regret and bitterness, yet ultimately the speaker is aware that she doesn't want to go down that road again - the future is brighter.

Coming Soon: Naomi's Listening Care Box

Naomi will soon be releasing a listening care box where people will be able to enjoy both old and new songs. Much like a monthly subscription package, listeners can expect this care box to also have products like candles, bath salts, notebooks, and more that relate to her past and current projects. Stay tuned for more on that by following her on Instagram...

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