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National Opera Takes Us on a Sonic Journey with 'The Scenic Self'

Leicester's indie-pop trio, National Opera, is back with an enchanting new single, 'The Scenic Self.' This intricate and atmospheric masterpiece showcases the band's unique blend of dream pop, indie, and dance music. With a dynamic fusion of sharp, occasionally club-friendly electronica and rich indie tendencies, National Opera crafts a sound that's both mesmerizing and innovative.

'The Scenic Self' is a prime example of National Opera's signature sound. The song features intricate guitar lines, twinkling piano melodies, spacious synthesizers, and driving electronic drums, all under the enchanting and commanding vocal delivery of lead singer Jack Cahill. The lyrics dive deep into introspection, often offering prescient insights. The result is a musical experience that's as comparable to the likes of The National and Bon Iver as it is to Everything Everything and Foals. National Opera's music is incessantly creative while retaining a commercial edge that's bound to captivate a wide-ranging audience.

Vocalist Jack Cahill sheds light on the meaning behind the track: "The idea of 'The Scenic Self' is a bit of a play on words, kind of like how you might take the scenic route to a destination. 'The Scenic Self' is about how the world around you shapes who you are. Places you’ve been, interactions you’ve had, regrets, forgotten friends - it’s all a path which ultimately molds you for the better."

National Opera's musical journey began with the self-release of their DIY debut album, 'Remember Who We Love,' in the summer of 2022. Originally conceived as a small lockdown project under the name 'Breakfast', the album delves into the band's struggles with identity, change, and friendship.

The band has also taken their electrifying live performances to sold-out shows across Leicester and London and has made appearances at a number of UK festivals. With this new release, they show that they're not ready to slow down!

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