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Never Underestimate Mr. Biyo

Jason Biyo releases his first album, “N.U.M.B.”, which is an acronym for Never Underestimate Mr. Biyo. It follows the release of his first single from the album, “Numb.”

Jason Biyo grew up in Germantown, Maryland. During his younger years, Jason was inspired by an array of artists such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Aaliyah and much more. At the tender age of 9, his passion for music flared when he joined the school’s choir and attended music classes.

This 7-track album, N.U.M.B., is Biyo’s artistic introduction to the world, and was entirely produced by himself. While the album as a whole has an R&B/soul feel, each song has a unique characteristic. Opening track “No Ghosts (Down)” features a sleek synth-driven rhythm, exploring the theme of wanting a serious relationship rather than something merely frivolous. “Hey Gorgeous” is a powerful duet with R&B single Emmillienne, who brings a sultry female vocal to the track to contrast with Biyo’s voice – the two mix really nicely together. “Fall For You” is a love song about falling for a woman you shouldn’t, with a groove inspired by Biyo’s African roots. This song is a true bop featuring irresistible layers of trombones.

“Trippin’ Forreal,” a pop/hip-hop track, refers to living in the moment and playing as hard as you work. “One” has a more laid back vibe, and is a song about growing into a better version of you. “Numb” is a slow R&B song which is clearly influenced by late ‘90s/early ‘00s music. “Hands,” an energetic dance song, is the perfect end to the EP, and will surely leave everyone with their “hands up to the sky.”

N.U.M.B. is available now on all major platforms. Follow Jason Biyo on Instagram for more information and future releases.

Link to the EP HERE

Follow Jason Biyo on Instagram to stay up to date with upcoming releases and performances.


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