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New York Artist Theresa Drops Anthem of Optimism with 'Magic'

You never really know what goes on in the daytime in an artist’s life, do you? Some are elusive, some are mysterious. Theresa is different. Although she began writing songs at 11 years old in hopes of becoming the next Madonna, it wasn’t until she was around 40 years old that she actually released her first single. She had to abandon her pursuit of pop stardom when she was young, and instead she’s worked behind the scenes of the music industry, including a job at Jive Records and another role with Sheryl Crow’s management company.

So, that’s what Theresa does by day. By night, however, she is now a popstar; releasing songs and performing live! She released her 1st single in 2019 and released plenty of singles during the pandemic. She cannot be stopped now! She dropped her new single ‘Magic’ on the 1st July 2022 and, once again, she has not let us down.

With Gaga-esque vocals and an upbeat, dancey pop beat, the good vibes are in full swing here, as the New York artist sings lyrics of optimism and hope, assuring the listeners that they have magic within them, and the strength to get through any tough times they may face.

She says: “I wanted to BE Madonna when I was younger. It really wasn’t about her sex appeal. I just loved her style and her story. I loved seeing what she was going to do next. And I loved that she did it ALL. She wrote, she sang, she acted. And she still does it on her terms.”

And that’s exactly what Theresa is doing now; doing it on her terms.

Theresa is an infectiously bright artist and listening to her new song is sure to put a smile on your face.


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