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Newcastle Indie-Rockers, Sirocco, release fiery new single 'By My Saturday'

Sirocco have dropped their new single 'By My Saturday' and it's an energetic anthem poised to please crowds in the near future! The Newcastle foursome are here with their first track of the year and it's nothing shorty of indie fire.

Powerful, overdriven guitars create a punchy feel-good vibe from the get-go, and the lyrics and vocal immediately grip you. You're dragged into a busy gig atmosphere with this one, and we can only imagine this is going to go down a real treat in venues! It has that perfect indie-rock angst and a powerful rhythm section with tight bass and interlocking drums. There are traces of Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon, but these guys have clearly honed in on a style that suits their own musical sensibilities. The result is a strong identity showcased through tracks such as 'Be My Saturday'.

Turning attention to the story behind the song, Sirocco reveal:

“There’s the typical love story there; boy meets girl at a party. The girl is mad for him but it takes him a while to realise as he’s too hooked up on getting drunk with his mates. But really there’s more to the boy than what meets the eye...”

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