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Newcastle Prog-Rockers Crux Drop Evocative Debut EP

Newcastle Prog-Rockers Crux have recently released their debut EP entitled “Death At The Cash Machine". Join us as we take a listen...

Be stirred and be shaken - this EP is a killer cocktail of different moods and musical styles. The band bring together a totally unique fusion of rock and punk, creating a varied EP which has something for everyone. We love the Dystopian theme of track one with its raucous beat that will drag you into the band's world from the get-go. 'Incel' is a highlight for us, with its infectious beat and catchy percussive section interlocking with urgently played guitars. We also like 'Slaving Away' which takes a more indie route sonically, with its slightly less heavy sound. All the way through, a fantastic lead vocal shines through.

Listen for yourself right here:

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