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NGUVU's Release EP 'JULIE'

NGUVU is a Swahili term that translates to Power, Force and Energy. The band has just released their new EP 'Julie'. Merging beautiful blends of Jazz, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Rock and Afro-beat Funk, this band leaves you flying high on pure groove, this is an outstanding collection of four tracks. Join us as we take a closer look...

An outstanding band with an astonishing set, NGUVU are a true hidden gem on the upcoming UK music scene. Formed in 2017 by drummer and composer Jamal Lewis-Service, NGUVU aims to provide the UK Music landscape with a powerful musical presence.

"JULIE" was based on NGUVU's earliest work with Julie E Gordon of Happy Mondays, Womack and Womack, and Kasabian, which the EP is named after. The Launch gig was officially Julie E Gordon's final gig in the UK, since she was leaving for Dubai.

1. Souled Out is a truly feel-good funky track with a soulful baseline and stand-out lead vocal. It showcases great songwriting and musical arrangement which is sleek and infectious. The singing reminds us a little of Joan Armatrading, and is further supported by beautiful backing vocals. There are sensational sax solos here and there too, which provide some real ear candy! The song erupts towards the end into a full-scale mesh of all instruments including some electric guitar before softening back down again. There's also a lush bass solo towards the song's close, which was inspired by Tetsuo Sakurai from the band Casiopea.

2. Be Mine has a more nostalgic R&B feel. This is a song about stalking which features rap vocals by Jamal Lewis-Service. The track has a really interesting groove which is pretty damn special; having been heavily inspired by J Dilla, hence its strange off-beat nature. The vocals are a little huskier and mellow on this one to suit the vibe. Again, a gorgeous brass part interweaves throughout in all the right places. It has a night-time feel this one with the jazz elements meshing with blues. The rap in the second half is pretty cool and adds a different edge entirely to the track, as we also hear the perspective of someone else; the person being stalked.

3. Broken - this is a song solely written by Julie E Gordon. This is a more downtempo track with a dreamy and sultry vibe. It has swirling layers of electric guitar and hypnotic backing vocals which serve to really draw you in. The groove is a R&B once more with tight drums and there's the trademark sax again. This feels like a real fusion of rock and soul. There's some organ in there too adding that funk sound.

4. Thunder - this sounds like something of a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack. It is absolutely sensational and will have you moving that's for sure. This song is super catchy and rhythmical, with an amazing rhythm section where everything seems to feel so well put together. The song expands into something more sustained and floaty on its choruses away from the plucked R&B vibe of the verses and into something a little more rock-pop.

The EP was produced by all members of the band, but later Mixed and Mastered by Ben Jacob of Aardonyx. It's available to stream & download now on all major platforms right HERE or below:


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