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Nick Henderson Shares Vibrant Summer Track 'no u'

Virginia-based artist Nick Henderson is back with a warming new single 'no u'. The track fuses together southern rock, R&B and pop. It flaunts Nick's melodic vocals which bring the song to life. While the breezy song is perfect for a summer road trip, the meaning behind the track is very personal to Nick.

“It is really a song about the process of detachment. The idea came to me when I was reflecting in a positive manner on a past relationship, while at the same time being frustrated about the way it ended and the distance that followed. It suddenly hit me though, how much I had changed since she had last known me, and so how inevitably she would have done the same. So the idea of her that I was holding onto was just that - an idea, not her. It was both sobering and freeing, but I guess that's kind of it - the song is about how somebody can be such an important part of your life, but at the end of the day we're just limited to what time we have with those people that we have.”

Check out 'no u' here:


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