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Noelle Tugs At Our Heartstrings On Debut EP 30k

Noelle may have started her career uploading covers to Youtube, there’s nothing copycat about this rising star. Her sultry tone and direct lyricism lend themselves to the electronic, RnB-infused, soulful sound that Noelle is carving a space for right now. The Canadian songstress shows artistry well beyond her years and sculpts soundscapes rich with the best of atmospheric acoustic guitars and striking synths. She may have laid the foundations last year by letting us in a sneak peek at four of the tracks, yet her highly anticipated debut EP ‘30k’ has still made waves since its release.

What’s so striking about ‘30k’ is the utter diversity of vibes and atmospheres that is are neatly packaged within the six tracks. Noelle’s vocals melt like butter as they swim through your headphones. Her tone is effortlessly airy, then the next minute empowering and bold. She’s captivatingly versatile as she sways between the airy falsetto, intimate refrains of ‘Forever Yours’ to the more empowered melodies of the title track ‘30k’. Speaking on the track Noelle says,

“It was so important for me to make sure 30k showcased every side of my artistry, proving that I’m not one-dimensional. This approach to crafting an EP allowed me to be free during the writing process, making music I felt my fans would love.”

Whilst it may be hard to pin down a concrete sound for Noelle — we shouldn’t have to. The jazz atmosphere of ‘Seasons Change’ is just as much Noelle’s piece de resistance as the upbeat, electronic anthem ‘Hope You’re Happy’. Even in this one track, the fluid nature of Noelle’s tones and attitudes makes for captivating listening. ‘30k’ is an outstanding release for Noelle as she bursts onto the scene with all the self-assured attitude and all-around artistry of an artist in their prime.


Listen to 30k on SPOTIFY NOW


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