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Nolan Set To Release 'Dark Winter 2'

Nolan is an artist from the Midwest region of the United States. His song 'Dark Winter 2' is a lyrical journey into the life and times of post-pandemic hustle while everyone is preparing for winter.. The song will drop on October 31st...

This is Memphis Horrorcore rap inspired. The track is sleek and full of attitude. We hear Nolan spit to a killer beat with very real, heartfelt energy. Nolan is an artist who clearly infuses his own personal life and feelings into his art. The badass beat is accompanied with warming, melancholic piano and there's a sweet spot between the flow and the overall nostalgic feeling of this song. We love the colourful and vibey video accompanying the track too, which has a lo-fi edge to it.

They say that the best artists are always the ones who are more persistent. The ones who keep hammering on, and don’t stop until they really manage to carve a space into the fabric of the modern music scene, hitting hard with the tools at their disposal: their passion, their personality, and more importantly, a bag full of amazing songs. Nolan is a perfect example of what it means to be an artist on the edge, someone pushing forward to highlight his talent and grow his audience.

Watch the video right here:

'Dark Winter 2' is produced by DJSK and released by the Crayfish Tribe Records.

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