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Not Now Norman Set To Release Slick Rock Single 'Save Me'

Not Now Norman boasts a pretty heavy brand of rock. The riotous rock outfit, made up of Taylor Mitchell, Zander Brown, and Lara Hindhaugh, have a pretty impressive string of singles behind them, yet they absolutely up the anti in their upcoming single ‘Save Me’.

In this more Evanescence evoking track, Not Now Norman leans into the hard rock realms with aggressive drums, booming bass lines and a guitar line taken straight out the heavy metal handbook. Taylor Mitchell’s lyrics are all about the ever-looming climate crisis; after witnessing the destruction of forests and lives in the Australian wildfires, Not Now Norman poured their pain into this timeless rock track. Zander Brown’s slick guitar solos swim throughout the track, complimenting Taylor Mitchell’s vibrant vocal line effortlessly. Lara’s bass lines bounce off the dynamic drum chops of guest drummer Michael Brennan, creating a fiery foundation for the track. The energy never wavers throughout this track, in fact, it’s the opposite. ‘Save Me’ starts and ends by getting you fired up. With such an electric atmosphere and melodies you can’t help but belt out, ‘Save Me’ is good enough to get us rioting.


Listen to Not Now Norman on SPOTIFY

‘Save Me’ is out on the 25TH OF FEBRUARY 2022


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