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Originally from Nigeria and currently living in L.A, OGECHI should be on your radar. A star in waiting, we are so honoured to be sharing this new track.

Delivering a very honest story through her lyrics, which were in fact written in her bedroom, this song delves into the deep and conflicting feelings that having a crush brings about. Singing...

‘I’m not one to fight, but you’re really my type’

…OGECHI reflects a time in which we can all as humans relate to - experiencing those first-time connections when we have found real love and feeling that spark.

OGECHI and her overall sound is very much reminiscent of the contemporary R&B female artists we are all hearing about right now. The likes of SZA, Summer Walker and H.E.R. It is no doubt that OGECHI will one day be one of those household names if the quality of the music she is delivering right now is sustained.

The overall vocal delivery – silky and soft – is only elevated by the excellence of the production, which holds a deep and reverberating bassline, sending you tingles down the back of your spine as you listen to it.

To listen to CHASING YOU, you can stream the single on Spotify, here, from the 21st of January 2022.

To keep up to date with OGECHI and her forthcoming musical work, follow her on the relevant social media platforms:

Follow: Instagram | Tiktok


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