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Omesi Abulu Unveils Mesmerizing New Single "Let Me Go"

Boston-based Nigerian singer-songwriter Omesi Abulu takes the alternative R&B scene by storm with his latest release, "Let Me Go", Following the viral success of his previous track "Monami", Omesi is poised for what promises to be the biggest year of his career. His newest single showcases his evolving sound and deeper connection with his audience.

"Let Me Go" is a masterful blend of alternative R&B, featuring elements reminiscent of Frank Ocean, Sza, Daniel Caesar, Laufey, and Malcolm Todd. The track represents Omesi's most experimental work to date, especially in terms of his backing vocals and the use of bluesy chords that give the song its distinctive shine.

The journey of "Let Me Go" began with an instrumental listen that sparked Omesi's creativity. Determined to bring his vision to life, he headed to Phoenix Down Recording in Boston. There, he meticulously crafted the track, pushing the boundaries of his vocal experimentation and weaving in a complex array of sounds. The result is a track that’s both inventive and deeply emotional, capturing the essence of Omesi's multifaceted musicianship.

The track infuses contemporary flair with upbeat production, creating a vibrant addition to his music catalog. It transports listeners into a realm of fascinating soundscapes, highlighting his ability to seamlessly blend genres with elegance and ease.

Omesi's unique voice and powerful lyrical delivery stand out, showcasing his potential to deliver epic songs that resonate deeply with listeners. His genre-bending approach and rich musicality make "Let Me Go" a captivating listen that adds significant depth to the alternative R&B genre.


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