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Original Pairs Drop Highly-Anticipated Album "Long Play"

Originally formed in 2008, Original Pairs channel garage, rockabilly, and psychedelia through a dark poetic filter. Founding members Andrew Frontini (vocals, guitar) and Lisa Logan (drums) shared a love of rock 'n' roll and the local indie music scene, leading to the creation of Original Pairs. The group evolved into a four-piece with the addition of Lynda Kraar (bass) and Jon Loewen (keyboards).

Canadian rock revival outfit Original Pairs are a dynamic, high-energy rock combo. Known for their otherworldly blend of rock 'n' roll, indie, garage, and pop fusion, the group captivates listeners with their mesmerizing storytelling and energetic productions on their highly-anticipated new album, Long Play.

With a consistent back catalogue of high-quality releases since their debut album Forbidden Fruit, their latest offering showcases a more polished style, format, and dedication to their outstanding music. Long Play marks a pivotal point in the musical evolution of Original Pairs. The compilation explores a couple's life together with themes of love, obstacles, and growing old. It features a superb genre blend, ranging from rock to pop. This musically varied and captivating collection guarantees that listeners will be enthralled from beginning to end.

The well-produced tracks allow the vocals to soar, seamlessly blending nostalgic and contemporary elements that crossover into the commercial world. Co-producer and engineer John Dinsmore's atmospheric soundscape produced amazing tunes with a large, live, and articulate sound that gave Long Play a crispy, crunchy, heavy rock 'n' roll feel.

Across the eight tracks, fans of rock 'n' roll, indie, garage, pop fusion, and everything in between will find something to vibe to. With a strong rock foundation surrounded by a broad sonic palette, Original Pairs demonstrates their ability to move across genres with ease and flair.

On the release, Original Pairs commented, “Rock ‘n’ roll is nearly dead, so we need to revive it. That means saying what you mean, playing what you play, sweating it out, live off the floor. No clicks, no comps, no edits, no cynical force-fed, second-guessed crap.


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