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  • lauryverdoux

Otis Infrastructure is ‘In A Room’

Otis Infrastructure is an experimental rock band out of NYC and experimental is most certainly the right tag for this highly inventive group.  What I heard on the new release, ‘In A Room’, was downright fresh ‘n’ innovative on so many levels.  Prepare to enter a space ‘In A Room’ that is like no other as Otis Infrastructure paves the way for super-charged, original music.

Otis Infrastructure is made up of three members and they are: Dean Essner on guitar & vocals, Mike Perri on bass and Alex Torres on drums & vocals.  Together, this creative bunch is ‘In A Room’ that is bright ‘n’bold with plenty of area to explore.  What listeners will discover in this particular “Room” will be plenty of spacious surprises and dimensions that mesh together perfectly.  ‘In A Room’ is filled with a wide variety of colors and textures that will brighten up your ears and excite your senses.

This song goes up-tempo at times and then a slowed down pace at other moments causing the music to be all over the map.  Otis Infrastructure provides a fun & energizing ride that will leave listeners ‘In A Room’ of sheer wonder.  Otis Infrastructure delivers a superb performance overall that is full of vibrancy. ‘In A Room’ is a very catchy tune that will appeal to many people from ALL walks of life.

Otis Infrastructure is currently working on a follow-up album to the 2020 release, ‘Wind-Down in Wrinkle Town’ but for now enjoy ‘In A Room’ in all its glory.  Take a chance and head ‘In A Room’ that is vast and

full of unique tones.  Otis Infrastructure plays the role of musical builders and ‘In A Room’ is the perfect design that fills the air quite nicely. JR


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