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OUT NOW: Joe Fox & The Frantics new track, Smoke Show!

The Los Angeles based band, Joe Fox & The Frantics have arrived with their brand new track ‘Smoke Show’ where they travel back to their original indie-pop-rock roots.

In comparison to their previous releases, Bewitched and Dancin Shoes it is clear that they have re-explored their riff-oriented indie roots. The track showcases their individual cool style and vocals well. They are an expert at fusing these genres together and this track is no stranger to that. The track starts as it means to go on, very strong with a heavy and captivating sounding base in the back. The base is reminiscent of Awolnation, coupled with the electric guitar taking us to a heavy rock vibe similar to that of Muse. The vocals have a strong grit to them that layer well with the instrumental, that we can only imagine how good it would sound live! These key features make the track alone a standout and one to remember.

Overall, the song sounds similar to that of ‘Do I Wanna Know’ by the Artic Monkey, mainly due to the heavy guitar and haunting yet gritty vocals layered over the top. This has definitely help secure this new track as a knock out for this duo. Joe Fox & The Frantics individual spin on the indie-pop-rock genre is what makes this track so special, the specific layering of the guitar in the background and the catchy hook and chorus are ones to remember.

Listen to 'Smoke Show' here:

Smoke Show - Single Artwork

Joe Fox & The Frantics - Social Media:

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