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New Album ‘The Last Boat to St. Helena’ from Martin Colgan

The multi-talented musician Martin Colgan’s newest album ‘The Last Boat to St. Helena’ is out 7th June 2021. Martin Colgan has studied flamenco and classical guitar in Scotland under the teachings of the legendary French virtuoso Manitas de Plata. His sea shanty style lead track, taken from the album of the same name, is sure to appeal to people of all ages...

As well as being a multi-talented musician playing many instruments from the guitar to the cello, Martin can sing fluently in Italian, Spanish and French.

The track embarks on Colgan’s return to his alternative rock roots. The track infuses a blend of rock and folk style music together. The softer rock elements are brought out nicely in Colgan's vocals accompanied by the more acoustic sounding guitar in the background, complementing each other well. The folk element to the track is delivered nicely with the guitar and light drumming. The song begins to build nicely with the introduction of more instruments. The song discusses the conception of isolation, something he and everyone experienced during this time. After hearing this track, we can’t wait to hear his newest album which is set to be released on June 7th 2021. The new album is set to have surprises and turns with a range of styles being showcased, would we expect anything less? The album is infused with love songs which are guaranteed to engulf the listener from the very first listen.

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“Last Boat To St. Helena” Artwork

To be released via Hummdrumm Records

Martin Aelred Colgan – Social Media: YouTube


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