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OUT NOW: What good does worry do!

Ciaran Whyte’s new single, ‘What Good Does Worry Do?’ is out now! This drummer and now solo artist’s newest single is impressive. Residing in Scotland, you can hear the powerful impact that has had on his artistry and his lyrics have an extremely strong Scottish element to it. His natural talent for music is showcased with not only his well sung vocals but the guitar instrumental in the back. The talent is shown is many of his performances also as he is known to do some busking on the street and that is where his real talent is evident as he is totally raw and it is great to watch!

His latest single definitely showcases his Scottish roots and natural vocal ability. The song itself discusses a very important topic that many of his listeners will resonate with. The song takes you on a spiritual journey where you feel yourself swaying to the track and mentally reminiscing. The lyrics help to convey this powerful message and his vocal delivery is super strong. The song builds up a little momentum as it hits the bridge with a nice instrumental break.

Single Artwork: 'What Good Does Worry Do'.

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