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Out TODAY: Walter Hansen's rock gem 'Good Lookin''

'Good Lookin'' by Walter Hansen is fierce with a soft centre. The song meshes anxst with infatuation. It's a song we can all relate to - you've got your eye on someone and you're wishing you can get to know them some more.

Walter Hansen hails from the Tampa Bay area in Florida. This is a raucous and hypnotic rock track with a guitar riff that is super catchy. The lyrics and theme for this track are good fun and a little bit cheeky too; the chorus line 'hey good looking' will stay with you long after hearing it. It's refreshing to hear something different to the mainstream and Hansen delivers with a rock infused with some elements of country and pop.

As the track evolves, a mellowed middle eight explodes into a badass rock guitar solo. The rhythm section is upbeat and has a great sense of swag when mixed with the instrumentation. A true rock gem with great songwriting at its core. Happy new year from Walter Hansen!

The new single is available to stream on all digital platforms HERE

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