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Owners Club's Explosive Debut EP Takes British Rock to New Heights

Indie-Rockers Owners Club, with a generous dash of post-punk energy, are here to make an explosive entrance onto the music scene with their debut EP, released via Goo Records. This grungy yet joyous and radiant offering is a musical journey through the rich tapestry of British rock history, delivered with a fresh and unmistakably unique sound.

Owners Club takes inspiration from some of the greats in British music, drawing influences from the eclectic worlds of Roxy Music and The Strokes. However, their music explores themes that range from Double Diamond beer to vampires and the occult, creating a unique and irreverent soundscape that's hard to define. They humorously label themselves as a "Pub Rock Four Piece", a description that captures their tongue-in-cheek image but only scratches the surface of their musical depth and impact.

The EP was recorded at the renowned Small Pond Studios in Brighton, under the skillful production and mixing of Matt Gleeson (known for his work with WELLY). The vinyl release showcases the band's explosive and tightly-wound sound, honed to perfection through their relentless dedication.

Following their first single, 'Double Diamond', which was inspired by a chance purchase of a Double Diamond-branded ashtray at a car boot sale near Dorking train station, the EP's new lead track, 'Village Green', offers another glimpse into the band's unique post-punk sound. It introduces a swaying backdrop led by intricate acoustics, sharp electric guitar riffs, and precise drums, creating an understated yet infectious and buoyant atmosphere. The song features a boxy, urgent vocal delivery that's as captivating as it is poignant. The track explores life in the UK countryside, shedding light on the less idyllic aspects of the British experience. As the band explains, "Village Green doesn’t look through rose-tinted glasses and explores the uglier underbelly of our little Island and the people who live on it."

But that's not all. 'Village Green' takes an exhilarating turn as it progresses, introducing subtle glockenspiel and distant vocal harmonies. The song culminates in an explosive crescendo at the two-minute mark, where the guitar soars, and the band channels the intense energy of their live shows through the final minute of the track.

The EP as a whole offers a reflection on Britain and British culture. 'Double Diamond' takes a more nostalgic approach, while 'Village Green' challenges the mindset of some Brits. The band's third track, 'Evil Twin,' is a wild ride that complements the EP's exploration of British culture. The band hints at a deeper connection between 'Village Green' and 'Double Diamond', leaving it to the listeners to decipher their message.

Don't miss the chance to see Owners Club perform live. Check out their upcoming tour dates:

  • September 25th – Boileroom, Guildford (supporting Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard)

  • September 29th – Hope & Ruin, Brighton (supporting The Pleasure Dome)

  • October 6th – Sebright Arms, London – EP release show (with support from WELLY and My Fat Pony)

  • November 9th - Goo Records Showcase #2, Green Door Store, Brighton (with Canned Pineapple, The Stanford Family Band, and Jopy)

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