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Palma Louca Deliver Effortlessly Cool Indie With Their New Single

Ethereal-Shoegaze quintet Palma Louca are back with an effortlessly cool indie track called 'Stationary Life' which dropped January 26th. Hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North-East these guys are - without a shadow of a doubt - ones to watch...

'Stationary Life' is a beautiful song that is at once uplifting and tinged with melancholia. There's a touch of Foals, Sundara Karma, Bloc Party, and also of early Kings Of Leon. Layers of dreamy reverb-drenched guitar interweave with rich synth melodies and textures. A striking lead vocal has just the right amount of grit to really stand out yet also be pleasing to the ears. Tension and release are felt throughout in all the right places, as we are taken on an ethereal journey, getting lost in the music along the way. This is a catchy and memorable song that is sure to stay with you.

Joe (singer & guitarist) discusses the lyricism behind the song:

“[Stationary Life] was inspired as a general comment on the way our society is constructed; the title of the song alludes to a lack of meaning in many peoples’ day-to-day lives that stems from the way modern society operates. This theme is reflected through the songwriting, as the narrative isn’t overly focused - instead being more relaxed and loose - structurally speaking. In this way, the first verse addresses the listener directly whilst the second verse highlights some examples of superficial ideals.”

The two previous singles from Palma Louca won the attention and support of tastemakers such as Little Indie Blogs, When The Horn Blows, Phonograph Me, and Faeton Music Blog. Now, having been signed to Newcastle-based label Pillar Artists, this is the first new single from Palma Louca moving forward through the New Year. We can't wait to hear more.

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