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Paul Numi's Indie Rock Offering 'Parallel Lives'

Indie artist Paul Numi has released his new album ‘Parallel Lives’. Combining the nostalgia of 80s rock and the attitude of 90s Britpop with his own personal and poetic lyrics, Numi offers nine indie-rock anthems that have their own unique sound.

Capturing the introspective nature of the album from the outset, the title track leads the way with poetic lyrics that reflect on the crucial junctions in life where different choices could have meant a different life entirely. Bursting with shimmering chords and Numi’s warm yet wistful vocals, the track is reminiscent of the dreamy soundscapes of The Cure as it journeys through fantasies and memories. Numi shares: “As one grows older, it’s inevitably to look back and consider some of the choices made. I realize that had I made a different decision at some of the junctions, I’d have had another life. That’s true for all of us. There are all these lives that exist in parallel with different relationships, different jobs perhaps, another career, different kids, houses. I see life as standing on a train platform. Now and then a train stops. It can be a job, a girl, a house for sale, and then one gets on that train or not. The trouble is that we do not know if the train is a runaway train, a train that will be side-tracked or a high-speed one. Sometimes, I missed trains. Don’t we all?”

Watch the video for Parallel Lives:

Stream the full album:


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