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PGmaineee Drops Candid 5-track EP ‘All Of Me’

PGmaineee (aka PG) is back with his new insatiable 5-track EP ‘All Of Me’. With this project you can see the aggression, depression, devastation, humiliation, and pain he painted in this project. Hip-hop artistry at its finest right here, you need to listen to the EP to truly do it justice.

‘Toxic’ is the stand-out opening track from the EP featuring badass lyrics and a luscious female voice sample at its core. The groove will have you swaying and bopping. PG’s voice stands out from the rest of the crowd, his sharp and raspy voice compliments the way he conveys his emotion is definitely one that catches the listeners attention. This is a song about dealing with a toxic person, but rising above the challenge.

The long nights in the studio are paying off as this artist has crafted a hugely intimate and candid work in this EP. With this second project, “AOM,” is really gonna be a stand off foot from his first project, “My Two Cents.” This is an EP that PG should be proud of and if keeps grinding, it’s only a matter of time before he makes a name for himself. In the meantime, he’ll be hard at work writing and producing more tracks. As he says in his twitter bio: “Life Goes On”…

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The EP is available on all digital platforms to stream and download:


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