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Phriendly Phoes Drop Debut Album

Phriendly Phoes is a live-looping psychedelic, funk, hip-hop duo from Lewiston, NY. The band consists of Pete Schreiber on percussion, washboard, beatbox and vocals, and Sean Thurman on guitar, drums, bass keys, vocals and commanding all of the loops.

Phriendly Phoes mix the live experimentation of a Jam Band with the party vibe of a DJ, playing a wide variety of genres and never playing the same set twice. Phoes have done several theme sets (Halloween, 420, TV Theme songs, tributes to Prince, Talking Heads and more...) all of which are recorded and released on their soundcloud page with 5K+ streams. They also have a monthly residency at The Ontario House aka "Stone Jug" in Youngstown, NY. During the first few months of quarantine, Phriendly Phoes did a weekly livestream on their Facebook page to their fans, and began to develop original music that would become their debut album 'Harmless'.

'Harmless' is a collection of 10 tracks, which from start to finish create a listener's experience you need to enjoy. Trippy guitar, off-beat grooves, shakers, organs, all sorts of sounds in there - with amazing colourful textures and vocals reminiscent of Foo Fighters. At the same time there's an element of hip-hop thrown in too as with fourth track 'Commit with Evidence' which features a rap-style vocal. Our personal favourite track is 'Tender', a great indie-rock track with a dreamy vibe and brooding vocals.

No words can truly capture the essence of what this album has to offer and you really ought to go stream it and experience for yourself first hand the wonderfully rich tapestry of sounds that this band creates, ebbing and flowing between genres and moods, creating one beautiful whole.

Stream it now:

Or head HERE to show this band some loving.


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