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Provocative and stimulating, Rich Jacques brings us his new 6 part EP 'Everything must change'.

In light of the recent dullness placed over the world Jacques plays his part in trying to create some uplifting light to encourage everyone forwards. 'Montecito' and 'can you see it' aid In this venture by bringing a sense of familiarity and friendliness to his EP.

Previously having tracks played on series: Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries, Jacques is no stranger to getting his music used in the right setting. Title track 'everything must change' is no different and I'm sure will be perfect for a modern series, in fact all of the EP will suit!

With a simple but ethereal soundscape ‘Everything must change’ will get you feeling appreciative and optimistic for everything you have. All the tracks follow this calming nature and it truly makes the entire EP easy on the ear, helping extend that sense of familiarity.

Montecito is a personal favourite as its perfect for accompanying a walk to clear the mind, get lost in the thoughts and relax.

The message flowing through the EP to embrace change and reflect on the past are conveyed with class and style helping us to celebrate change and enjoy life for what it is. The perfect message after the past few years!

Everything must change is a refreshing and enlightening EP that I urge all to go and listen to, lock yourself into some headphones and enjoy.


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